Developing Subtle Energy Awareness skills to help you
Develop Higher Consciousness Living

Inspirit was founded in 1999, and in the ensuing 21 years has developed some of the most unique and extraordinary skills and techniques to work within subtle energy fields of consciousness. Pioneering within this 'invisible' realm, we have learned the truth of the statement 'all things are energy'. Sue Zange is a specialist at sensing, 'reading' and transforming these subtle energy flows. Having the experience of literally thousands of client sessions, and the delivery of a vast array of training courses in this field, her methods can be applied by anyone wishing to improve the quality of their lives, their creativity, their well-being and their future potentials.

Inspirit has been the leading presence in bringing 'healing through the body's energy field' forward into mainstream understanding. It is today one of the most advanced forms of alternative therapy available, offering clients the opportunity to improve every aspect of their lives.

Our training and development programmes are in the process of being updated, re-engineered and re-inspirited. Due to this year's circumstances, we will now be launching our new Programmes in early 2021. Please contact us to register your interest for new and updates.

'Know Your Energy'

A unique understanding of the subtle flows of energy that surround you, and which run through your body. This new presentation will be available soon.

Available early 2021

Fields of Consciousness

A more advanced understanding of how all life connects, and how we engage as creators with each other.

Available in Spring 2021