Healing and Guidance Services for Inspirit Graduates

The following healing, care and support services are now available for EFH Graduates and their immediate family. To book your session, simply email your request to me at: inspirit
You should receive an email acknowledgement that your request has been received within 24 hours. Please get in touch if you do not receive your acknowledgement.

Distant Energy Field Healing

A full session of distant Energy Field Healing, which includes an emailed report on the healing. If you have a specific issue/ailment/circumstance that you would like me to focus on, please mention that at the time of requesting the healing.

You can request distant healing for yourself, or your immediate family, but please bear in mind that you will not receive a report containing any personal aspects of a session for another person. They can apply directly, or provide their own email to me, if they would like to receive that report.

Simply email your request and then please forward your payment via Paypal.

Sessions are Available Now - £85.00

Distant Spiritual Guidance Reading

A personal spiritual guidance session based on your specific request to receive higher guidance on any aspect of life that you are dealing with.

Working with Joa and my team of Guides, I shall access the subtle energy and higher consciousness data that relates to your query. Guidance will be received that expands your awareness and opens other options. Higher Guidance will always enhance a situation and raise its potential.

The session will be recorded and you will receive this via email as an MP3 file. A spiritual guidance session is approximately 40 minutes (but will be as long as is guided).

Simply email your request and then please forward your payment via Paypal.

Guidance Sessions are Available Now - 145.00

1-1 Energy Field Healing

A personal session of Advanced Energy Field Healing, to rebuild, realign, re-energise and rebalance your whole subtle energy structure and flows. This is an opportunity to have mutliple aspects of your energetic state and life experience flows healed and brought to balance in a single session.

Sessions are approximately 1 hour. Your healing will be carried out at a location that suits both parties. Simply email your request for a session and a booking can be made.

NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE. Sessions may be available From May 2021 - £185.00 (payment is due on attendance)

1-1 Subtle Energy Life Mapping

A personal higher guidance life mapping session to help you build, expand and clarify your future potentials and creative endeavours. Designed to help you understand current state and situations, and clear the path forwards for healing, resolution, enhancement and a true path.

Working with my team of Guides and also your own guides, the higher spheres of intelligence, creativity and potentials are accessed in order to enable you to make better serving choices. Offering you greater awareness and insight, a Life Mapping helps you navigate major aspects of your life.

Sessions are approximately 1.5 - 2 hours and will take place at a location that suits both parties. Simply email your request for a session and a booking can be made.

In-person Sessions are Not Currently Available. They can be pre-booked NOW for Spring 2021 dates - £355.00 (Please use the contact form to request your session).

Sessions via ZOOM are Currently Available - £295.00 (payment is due prior to the online meeting)

"The two most profound effects of maintaining stable energy flow are a greater capacity to engage in life and the transformation brought by the raising of energy resonance. As the higher frequencies of energy establish in your field, you become more open to the higher frequency emotions - joy, love, kinship, generosity, kindness, compassion and forgiveness. Your views and perspectives of life will change - you will see the world through different eyes. Most especially, the presence of these higher energies will activate the core values you hold deep within you. You will become more true to yourself." Excerpt from the Book: 'The Energies of Your Life'